Casa Galeano
Vedado, Havana

About Casa Particular Accommodation in Cuba

Casa Particulares ("private homes") in Cuba are similar to bed & breakfasts in the US, Canada, and the UK. They offer visitors opportunities to experience the culture, to meet and get to know local people, and to understand how Cubans live. Become part of the family if you want, or enjoy time to yourself if you prefer. You'll have a private room and bath, and you'll be welcome to share the living room, kitchen, and patio.

Cost is another advantage of Casa Particulares over impersonal hotels. At a maximum of $35 US per night for most Casa Particulares, they are very affordable. The rate at Casa Galeano is $30 US per night. (Please inquire about rates for meals.)

Casa Particulares are legal and licensed in Cuba. Some Casa Particulares operate without licences, so it's a good idea to check if an establishment is licensed before making reservations. Licensed Casa Particulares are inspected regularly and meet the standards of foreign tourists. Casa Galeano is a licensed Casa Particular.